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UV Reactive Fluorite Restock!

Amethyst x Agate from Germany

Welcome to Fadedwildflowers

Focusing on sourcing unique gem & mineral specimens from around the world- from our collections to yours.

Tabular Himalayan Quartz

The Crystal Hoards.

Everything in our current collections.

Elmwood Calcite, Tennesee
German Yellow banded agate
Kambaby Ocean Jasper

About us

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Erongo Fluorite with quartz and hyalite opal
The Face Behind Fadedwildflowers
French La Barre Fluorite

My name is Trinity and I am the owner of Fadedwildflowers LLC! I started this business on my own at 18 to connect mineral collectors with unique and affordable gems and minerals from around the world. My main priority in the industry is to bridge the substantial; gap in the communities' understanding of enhanced, faked, treated, or otherwise fraudulent mineral productions. While this is not a new struggle, the internet spreads misinformation like wildfires on crystals and minerals. I adore informing the community of my extensive research and dedication to this subject I am so passionate about. I am currently enrolled at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to complete my Grade Gemology degree. This degree will provide more knowledge to my ever-growing mental library, and also solidify my honesty & integrity in this gem and mineral community.

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