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UV Reactive Nigerian Fluorite- Iris Pocket

UV Reactive Nigerian Fluorite- Iris Pocket


Superior Mine

Iris Pocket 2023

Wes Siderite

Akwana Deposit

Logo Benue, Nigeria 🇳🇬

This new production of Nigerian Fluorites are an operation funded by Justin R. Cruz. The Superior Mine is actually a lead mine, not a fluorite mine. However Justin paid to explore a secondary pit and thus these beautiful fluorites were unearthed. It was an expensive task to both dig them and teach the miners how to properly extract them without damaging them. He kept the exact location secret for several years since there were others trying to steal the material and exacting quickly and inefficiently damaging lots of valuable fluorite.

This new shipment is truly something.

This particular is a great example from this newfound locale. With lovely sky blue tones and apple green hues. Deep universal blues and almost tie dye effects. The piece has many phantoms in different colours and spacing that adds dynamic energy to this particular collectors fluorite. In the daylight there is a blue fluorescence that dances in the light. Under a UV light it glows a bright milky blue. The zoning is phenomenal this is an excellent cube from this new rare locale.