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$50 Intuitively Selected Box

$50 Intuitively Selected Box

All intuitively chosen boxes are mystery boxes hand selected by spirit guiding me to choose the crystals you need most! Please add in the note section your zodiac sign(s) or if you don’t know your zodiac just your birthday! If you need a specific energy or vibe let me know and I will curate the box for that energetic need!

PSA: all intuitively selected boxes are mysteries! I will base the box off of whatever notes you leave for me in the “leave a note section” in your order. The boxes will total at least the amount you chose for the box! I don’t film every order on tiktok, however the more unique or fun the order I tend to film:) all intuitively selected boxes have an additional 1 week processing time at this current moment. As when I do an intuitively selected box it requires all of my energy and spirit. Each order takes around 15-25 min to fully put together,write a note with each crystal, and pack the order. I love doing these boxes, and I am so grateful for you choosing to support my business!