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Pyrite Perky Box from Alden, New York

Pyrite Perky Box from Alden, New York


You will receive this stunning specimen of pyrite that has withstood through time, a piece of New York State mineral history. This Pyrite comes from the Spring Creek mine in Alden, Erie County, New York. Ironically this locality is listed as a marcasite locality, though no marcasite was ever discovered here. The unique pyrite crystals from this locale resemble marcasite in their “points” studding the surface of replacement in a cubo-octahedral development. The pyrite replaced marcasite or fossils in the shale. This specific pyrite replaced both marcasite and a Polecypod. There was extensive research done on this locality from New York State University which discovered that pyrite from this locale typically decomposes over time from “pyrite disease” unless it is properly stored, ie: perky box, temperature regulated, handed minimally and with care.